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The 19 BIGGEST Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make

Provided by Five Star Product Solutions

As coaches and mentors for thousands of new Amazon sellers, we have seen lots of new entrepreneurs making the same mistakes. 

If you choose to work with us we’ll guide you past these common pitfalls and keep you on the road to success. For now, here is a quick-fire list of the 19 BIGGEST Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make.

  1. Panicking when something goes wrong

  2. Knee-jerk reactions without understanding the issue first

  3. Forgetting the country of origin markings – e.g. “Made in China”

  4. Not checking grammar or spelling

  5. Not using proper spelling for the marketplace selling on (e.g. UK vs US spelling)

  6. Not following the advice you are given

  7. Not doing your due diligence

  8. Assuming and not asking

  9. Not following Amazon TOS

  10. Not creating your own original copy

  11. Not understanding your real profit margin

  12. Not allowing enough for time your ads to work

  13. Not managing your Sponsored Ads correctly

  14. Not protecting inventory while running a heavily discount promotion

  15. Not creating quality content on social media sites 

  16. Calling Seller Central for help but not understanding why you are calling

  17. Not knowing what the data is telling you 

  18. Not tracking keyword rankings 

  19. Making excuses instead of looking for solutions

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