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Grow your brand and take your business to the next level

Adding products to your brand does much more than increase your revenue. Product diversification reduces risk and increases brand attractiveness. Getting it right is critical to your continued success. So many people assume they can just pick any product and see the same success they had with their first. That’s a hard lesson to learn. We have a solution to keep you on the road to success.

The next product you add to your brand can make or break your business. By now you understand the importance of good cash flow. Using your cash on products that will sell quickly and profitably is critical and should you decide to sell your business, investors are looking for uninterrupted, high levels of growth which is hard to achieve with just one product.

Finding those products is becoming more and more difficult. It takes a lot of research. It takes a lot of experience. It has be done free of emotion and bias. Once you have a few good candidates, you need the ability to make a final decision based on the data.

The process can take a long time. It’s hard to stay focussed. There’s always something more urgent to be done. It’s easy to settle for something you ‘think will do well’ rather than waiting to find the right product.

You have to move quickly. It’s one of the biggest advantages you have as a growing brand - the faster you can move, the greater your edge over the competition. It’s how you will continue to beat out the traditional, big brands.

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That’s why we have developed the perfect solution for a limited number of people who want to grow their sales, expand their brand, and protect their business.

The most important thing once you start selling on Amazon is to keep selling. You’re at risk from quality issues, competitor actions, and even Amazon itself impacting your listing and sales. Having multiple products in your brand will allow you to keep generating income while you fix the problem.

To do it yourself, here’s what you’re going to do:

  • You’ll go through your brand category and look at every product opportunity.

  • You’ll research price, weight, competition, estimated cost to compete. 

  • You’ll create a big list of possibilities

  • Without bias, you’ll do further research and narrow that list down to just a few products.

  • You’ll contact suppliers for those few products to get real pricing quotes and minimum order quantity information.

  • You do further research (again without bias), and narrow that list down to just one product.

  • Then, you’ll find multiple suppliers for that one product and contact them, order samples and make your final decision.

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For most sellers this takes far too much time. Why? Because they’re already busy running their business! The process is unfamiliar, it’s difficult, it’s tedious and there are so many variables to take into account - it is really hard to keep focussed and make the right decision. In fact, most people just end up looking at what their competitors are selling and pick that.

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What if you had done this ten times? A hundred times? Five hundred times? It would be much easier, you’d know where the traps are, you’d know how product selection has had to evolve, and you’d make much better product selection choices in much less time.

Well, we have done it more than five hundred times. 

What if we have a detailed conversation with you to understand your brand aspirations, do all of the work, and find the ideal product for you? When we hand it over you’ll get not just the product, but a full package designed to give you everything you need.

Here’s what you’ll get with your brand expansion package:

An expertly researched Amazon product to expand your current brand

Full product opportunity details including:

    Supplier pricing

    Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement

    Estimated shipping cost

    Estimated inspection cost

    Estimated cost of inbound freight to FBA

    Suggested selling price

    Profit calculator based on the above plus relevant Amazon fees etc.

    Supplier information

    Contact details of three suppliers able to meet your requirements

    Pricing and MOQ details from initial discussions

Highly detailed recommendations on how to construct your product listing based on competitive research.

A list of the best keywords to target for ranking and advertising your product on Amazon.

6 months personal 1-on-1 support

Don't have the time to create your listing? 
We have you covered.
Just select the option to include a professional, ready to go product listing including pro images.


If you want to grow your business quickly and stress free, you know what to do.

Group asking questions about ready for you products



It's become much more difficult to find great products to add to any brand. We will begin our process after we've spoken and hope to have your new product identified within a couple of weeks.


Our experience is that a good, detailed interview before we start will really improve the probability of you loving your new product. It's worth the time.


We're here to try and ensure your success. You'll have lots of 1-on-1 support and if you need help with things like your listing, we can provide that service.

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