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Provided by Five Star Product Solutions

Precisely documenting your order may seem like a bit of a pain at the time, especially since you've been working through all the details with your supplier already. However, if things don't go exactly as planned, this is the document that legally defines the transaction. It's critical that you spend the time to ensure everything is documented exactly as you expect it to be, based on your agreement.

Things to confirm and include on your Purchase Order (PO) or your supplier’s Proforma Invoice (PI). 

Information You SHOULD Include:

  • Your Information – Your company name, address and contact details

  • Supplier Information – The supplier’s name, address and contact details

  • Terms of Delivery – Use standard INCOTERMS (i.e. FOB, EXW, DDP, etc.)

  • Terms of Payment – i.e. 30% Deposit, 70% on Passed Inspection

  • Product Description – A short description of the product

  • Product Quantity – How may units are you ordering?

  • Price Per Unit – What do they cost per unit?

  • Total Cost per line item - Quantity x Price for each line on the PO

  • Freight Cost –   Flat rate as separate line item (i.e. FOB port cost)

  • Total Cost - Total $ amount of entire PO or PI

  • Payment Instructions – This is usually provided by the vendor on their invoice. It is wise to double check these details each time you make a payment

Additional Information We Recommend You Include:

  • Required Ship Date – Agreeing this up front can help reduce shipping lead times

  • Product Detailed Specifications – Specify details of dimensions, features and/or materials used that define the product

  • Product Labeling - If required, specify and note that it is included in the cost mentioned above

  • Custom Packaging - If required, specify and note it is included in the cost mentioned above

  • Product Photos - If available, they can help to overcome language barriers with overseas suppliers. It may be easier to include these as an attachment to send along with your PO

  • Quality Control (QC) Inspection Required – Note if you will be using your own third party inspection up front to avoid delays

  • Quality Standards – If required, specify the result of the quality inspection (i.e. AQL standards) that the order must meet to be accepted and note that it is included in the cost above

  • Defects/Damages - Address how these will be handled and what is acceptable

  • Master Carton Details - Units per carton. This is to ensure they meet the Amazon guidelines

  • Master Carton Dimensions and Weight - This is to ensure they meet the Amazon guidelines

  • Supplier Company Stamp or Signature - You can request they confirm receipt by signing your PO or adding the information to their PI

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